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Apple Blossom focuses on providing quality education for all students.  Language Arts and Math are priority subject areas at all grade levels.  Apple Blossom teachers also provided enriching opportunities for students to investigate Science through activities and learn about our past through the Social Science curriculum.

For the 2023-2024 school year, Apple Blossom will be focusing on reading intervention as we set goals and targets for all of students to make steady progress.

Apple Blossom Curriculum:
Collaborative Classroom - Language Arts
Investigations - Mathematics
Mystery Science  - Science
                        - Social Science

Enrichment Programs


Our PE Program is taught by Coach Melissa Jones.


Our 3rd - 5th grade music program at Apple Blossom is headed up by the talented Ms. Emily Reynolds. Under her direction our fourth graders are introduced to the recorder and our fifth grade band is a wonderful blend of flutes, trumpets and clarinets. Her exceptional music program includes performances twice a year at the Winter and Spring Concerts hosted at Twin Hills Charter Middle School.

Our TK - 2nd grade music program is organized by Janet Greene. 


Our art program at Apple Blossom is taught by Therese LaLonde. Transitional Kindergarten through Fifth Grade classes are led by Ms. LaLonde to create their own beautiful pieces of art. Her program offers children the opportunity to explore many different art forms, as well as different cultures.  


Our garden program is taught by Stefan Stahling.



Each of our teachers are partnered with another Buddy Class for the year. These two classes come together for activities, art projects and more. We love watching our older students nurture and care for our younger Cheetahs!