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PIP - Primary Intervention Program

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What is PIP?

PIP is a school based program enhancing the educational experience with additional one-to-one support to our Kindergarten to 5th grade student population.

It is designed to help children feel positive about their school environment and enhance their (emotional, behavioral or social) development by early intervention.

This one-to-one individual support program builds self esteem and promotes personal development of children in the primary grades.

Goals of PIP

  • To build children's self esteem and confidence.
  • To help children get a good start by building positive attitudes toward school.
  • To have a positive connection with another adult figure at school.
  • To increase a child's sense of security at school.
  • To minimize off task behaviors so that more learning can occur for all.
  • To prevent the need for more intensive and specialized help in the future.

How does PIP work?

Children in this program meet weekly for 8 to 12 weeks of individual, thirty minute play sessions with their " Special Friend." Specific scheduling for time in the Rainbow Room is coordinated with the child's teacher to minimize disruptions to the child's instructional day.

In the weekly sessions the child and Special Friend engage in various activities including conversation, art, non-directive play and games. "Special Friends" are trained to work with children in non-judgmental, non-directive, and supportive manner. This supportive relationship builds the child's self esteem and confidence.

Who are the "Special Friends"?

The Special Friends are trained, supervised paraprofessionals selected on the basis of personal maturity, experience, and their ability to relate to children. They are supervised by the Program Coordinator and other professionals. Throughout the year they receive on-going training provided by Sonoma County Mental Health Department, our cooperating entity along with WCCS ( West County Community Services) as a supportive organization to PIP.

How are the children selected for this program?

All K-5 students are screened by a process that includes input from teachers and other school professionals, school staff, and parents. This process helps to insure that children who might benefit most from the program are identified. Referrals initiated by parents are encouraged. Written parental consent is required for enrollment.

Benefits of PIP

Participation in the Primary Intervention Program during the early years of education helps to ensure that children maintain a positive attitude toward school. This one-to-one, non-stressful play experience often gives children the relief they need to return to their studies with a refreshed attitude. When children feel a positive connection toward school, the more likely they are to complete their education career.




Please take the time to read the quote below...


In the early formative years, play is almost synonymous with life. It is second only to being nourished, protected and loved. It is a basic ingredient of physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth.

-Ashley Montague