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School Counseling

What is School Counseling? 
As a school counselor my job is to support students in their ability to be successful at school. I do this by helping students with anything that they may be having a difficult time with including emotions, friendships, family challenges or student skills. I also work with families, when appropriate, to offer support with things that may be coming up at home.  All counseling remains private/confidential with a few exceptions (if it involves being harmed, self harm or potential harm to another). 

School Counseling VS Outside Therapy
School Counselors meet with students on an individual or group basis to deal with crisis management, skill-building, and problem-solving to support students' success/mental health at school. This is usually short term 6-8 sessions. 

An outside therapist will provide more intensive, individualized, and ongoing therapy. Often it is more long term. 

Meet the Counselor 
My name is Giulianna Zocchetti, the students call me Miss Giulianna. This is my second year at Apple Blossom and I'm so happy to be back! I'm grateful to be able to play a part in supporting students in their academic, emotional, and social well-being. I enjoy working with students on peer issues, coping skills and personal challenges. I am honored to create a safe space at Apple Blossom for students to share their concerns. I also often collaborate with school staff, teachers and parents to ensure a holistic approach to support the success of each student. 
When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my Golden Retriever Leo, going on hikes, kayaking, and doing DIY projects. I welcome you to visit room 20 to see some of my DIY projects in action! 


If you think your student could benefit from School Counseling services, please reach out to me at